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Advice from Alumni – Become a Makeup Artist

Industry Advice From a Certified Makeup Artist and Brand Owner

Maurice Vie is a makeup-enthused inspiration who recently graduated from PB’s Makeup Certification Program. PB had the opportunity to interview Maurice and ask for advice and inspiration for prospective Makeup Artists. He gave us plenty of tips for connecting with clients, building a fan base, and gaining exposure for your brand. The ultimate go-getter working on building and promoting his own brand, MavCosmetics, Maurice hopes to empower everyone to find the confidence to achieve their dreams despite fear or doubt.

“I love showing people that it’s okay to be different and that makeup has no gender. We all need to accept that being different is okay. I’ve helped so many people appreciate and fight for acceptance.”

Makeup by Maurice

Glittery, bronze makeup by Maurice

 Tell me a little bit about yourself! What drove you to work in the beauty industry? How long has this been a passion of yours and what sparked it?

Creativity has always been a strong suit of mine. Whether it’s drawing, coloring, or sketching, I love utilizing that part of my brain. Seeing the way my sister and mom would look whenever they went out mesmerized me. Their beauty, plus my creativity, is what sparked my everlasting love of makeup! Most people think that I’ve been doing makeup for a long time, but it has only been a little over 3 years that I have been practicing. Unfortunately, it’s not easy getting into makeup as a boy, so I’ve always kept that a secret and practiced in the comfort of my own room.

PB Cosmology Education Centre was where I received my educational background in the beauty industry and received a certificate as a Certified Makeup Artist. During the course, I was in my senior year of high school and graduated early from Glassboro High School in January 2019.

What opportunities have come from becoming a Certified Makeup Artist?

After completing the course, I began working extensively on my brand, MavCosmetics. I attended a Black Expo as a vendor for mini, black-owned businesses where I had my own table and did live makeup on multiple clients. This event helped me gain exposure and build on my clientele list. I’ve been offered a flight to Atlanta to do the makeup for a grand opening of a salon. I also received my first public relations package from an online brand called Glit Your Life. Aside from these new jobs, I’ve been focusing on my brand and my clients.

Maurice and a happy, glittery client

Maurice and a happy, glittery client

What was the biggest takeaway or tip learned in the Makeup Certification class?

 Taking the Makeup Certifications class this past summer opened my eyes and showed me that the beauty industry is extremely serious. I loved learning the history of this industry and how to start, build, and maintain a career in it. Learning in a classroom setting from an educator and my peers strengthened my love for makeup.  It allowed me to meet creative, talented people, all with their own set of techniques and skills. Although the first couple classes were more focused on theory, these lectures and book work showed me how serious and crucial, but also how beautiful and magnificent, the beauty industry can be. From recreating iconic makeup looks to participating in fun competitions, I would definitely redo the entire course all over again!

What is your favorite aspect of being a Makeup Artist?

I love transforming beautiful human beings into something different than their everyday selves. Being a Makeup Artist is so much fun and so creative. Most of the time when I sit at my vanity and pick up a brush, I have no clue what I’m about to create; I just know it’s going to be magnificent. The possibilities are endless when it comes to doing makeup. I love showing people that it’s okay to be different and that makeup has no gender. We all need to accept that being different is okay. I’ve helped so many people appreciate and fight for acceptance.

Bob Ross inspired makeup by Maurice Vie

Bob Ross inspired makeup by Maurice Vie

Do you have any advice for aspiring Makeup Artists?

Practice makes perfect! It is a saying that I’ve always resonated with and one that is extremely important to remember when practicing makeup artistry. I want people who are seeking a life of makeup to know that they are not going to jump in and start blending and cutting creases like a pro; it’s going to take time, patience, and drive. I encourage everyone to practice on both themselves and other people, (especially on other people!!) YouTube is a great way to start and learn, but watching YouTube isn’t going to magically give you makeup powers. You have to PHYSICALLY pick up a brush or beauty blender to get better. Practice, Practice, Practice! Never give up!

Being a Makeup Artist is fun, but it’s important to remember that maintaining and promoting your business is also hard work. Exposure is the best way to grow an audience and clientele. Promoting your skills, services, and dedication to the industry on social media is the perfect way to gain exposure. Social media is an amazing platform to reach new customers. If someone likes my work, they have the opportunity to repost it and shared it with their followers. This is free advertising and networking.

Once you build a strong and extensive clientele, it is important to keep them coming back for more. Creativity and originality is something that people look for. Once a personal connection is built and you’ve shown people your passion, turn them into a loyal, returning customer by dishing out creativity.

What are your goals for the next five years?

Quite honestly, I am enjoying exactly where I am at right now. However, I do have many plans for the future. Within the next five years, I hope that my name and my brand will become known nationwide and become something that makes history. I plan to meet many influential people and share my talents with different, beautiful walks of life. I vow to pave a rode for young teens that will help and encourage them to express themselves without fear or doubt. I will be the support that pushes people to be their very best and be confident in whatever it is they choose to do with their lives.

July 2018 Makeup Certification class

If you or someone you know is passionate about makeup, contact our Admissions Team at (856) 456-4927 to learn more about our Makeup Certification course!

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