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New Spa Service: Airbrush Makeup!

I’m sure I am not the only girl out there who wishes the “pretty filter” on Snap Chat would follow me around all day. If only my skin could look porcelain and smooth all the time. Photoshop and Snap filters will create a flawless look virtually, but that won’t cut it in real life. For those seeking a flawless finish without living their life through a filter, look no further because airbrush makeup is here!

What is airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is perfect for those looking for a flawless finish. The airbrush gun is a tool that mists makeup in an even, steady manner so that it lays smooth on the skin.

You must use specialized makeup in your airbrush gun; you cannot simply use any old foundation you have lying around. Kelly Anne King, a certified Temptu airbrush artist and educator at PB, talks about a few different formulas of airbrush foundation that an artist can use.

“Most foundations are water based, which will result in a matte finish.  On the other hand, a silicone based formula leaves you with a dewy glow. The silicone formula lasts longer. The downside is that the dewy finish could end up looking oily in your T-zone (the area on your forehead, nose and chin). As long as you are prepared with oil-absorbing wipes or finishing powder, you will be fine! I recommend a water-silicone hybrid which gives you the best of both with a demi-matte finish.

Alcohol based formulas are starting to become more popular, too. These are sweat-proof, which makes them perfect for body painting and theatrical makeup too.

How does airbrush work?

Airbrush refers to the tool used in the application process. The tool, or the gun, releases foundation in a very fine mist when the trigger is pulled. The airbrush tool connects to a compressor which powers the gun. The tool also connects to a hose, which releases the makeup.

Steps to setting up the airbrush gun:

  1. The foundation is inserted into the top feed of the gun.
  2. Plug the compressor into a power source.
  3. When the trigger is pulled, the tool will release air and spray the foundation in a fine mist.

How do I know if airbrush is right for me?

The great thing about airbrush foundation is that it is completely customizable and versatile. A makeup artist can blend foundations and colors together to perfectly match your skin tone. Eye shadows, contours, eyebrows and highlights can all be achieved with airbrush makeup! You can go as light or as heavy as you’d like.

If a Makeup Artist is properly trained in airbrush, they will be able to control the pressure of the trigger which determines how light or heavy the makeup is applied. PSI, or pounds per square inch, refers to how much pressure is used when the trigger is pulled. The higher the PSI, the thicker the coverage of the makeup.

Tip: “Hooking up your airbrush tool everyday isn’t realistic. If you want a matte, even coverage that gives the illusion of airbrush without the hassle, I swear by Sephora Perfection Mist Airbrush Spray Foundation. It’s easy to use and looks amazing!” –Brianna R.

Are there any con’s to airbrush makeup?

If we asked Kelly about the possible cons of airbrush makeup, she would say “none at all!” To ensure a good outcome for your first application, communicate with your makeup artist about the desired look. Be ready to discuss your skin type so the artist can choose the formula best for your skin. Not all formulas will hold up all day. If you are looking for an all-day hold, silicone-based formulas are your best option. (Tip: there is nothing a little setting spray and matte powder can’t fix!)

The only thing left to keep in mind is pricing. Knowing what to expect to pay for airbrush is important. It is usually double the price of a normal makeup application. Since airbrush makeup is a specialized skill and many artists attend classes to become certified, they can charge upwards of $100 for an application

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