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A Haircut Experience with Isaac Herder

I recently had the awesome experience of having Isaac Herder from Lotus Salon in Marlton, NJ cut my hair. Isaac is a 1997 graduate of PB Cosmetology Education Centre’s Cosmetology Program. Isaac was recognized in 2014 as “Alumni of the Year” for his advanced sculpting techniques and women’s hair extensions. It’s not very often that I would refer to a haircut as an experience but that is exactly how I felt watching and feeling Isaac cut my hair. Being a licensed Cosmetologist myself helps me to be respectful of his craft. Isaac and I had an understanding that he could create something new for me and I would be his blank canvas. Watching Isaac sculpt each strand of hair was like watching Picasso paint. He had a vision, he was focused, and his vision was played out on my hair. What an experience it was for me to be exposed to his talent.

I feel every service that a client receives in a beauty salon should be creative. Having worked in all facets of this industry (I was licensed in 1980) I understand that sometimes stylists can fall into a rut of just accomplishing the task at hand or they just “go through the motions.” Every stylist has within them the power to give each client a creative experience. Cosmetologists are artists and hair is the medium. My advice to promoting creativity for your clientele is to keep your skill set up to date with advanced classes, to practice new techniques, to treat each client like a special guest and to stay abreast of the latest trends. One of the best things a stylist can do is find a mentor that they can share ideas with and seek advice from. This could be a beauty school instructor, a platform artist, a product representative, or often an experienced co-worker.


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