The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs regulates the board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling in the State of NJ. Applicants for examination and licensure must have a high school diploma or GED or a certified transcript from a high school. The New Jersey Department of Education does not recognize homeschool or online diplomas because there are no credential requirements in the state codes that verify the legitimacy of the education received.

When presented with a copy of a high school diploma or transcript that is questionable the following steps are taken to verify that the high school diploma is legitimate:

  1. search the NJ Department of Education for the school’s code. If the school does not have a code, the applicant must obtain a GED.
  2. search the State Department of Education’s website or the actual school’s website if the student obtained a high school diploma from an outside state. If the review of the website raises any questions about the diploma being presented, it will not be accepted as proof of a high school diploma and the applicant must obtain a GED.
  3. applicants with online diplomas must obtain a GED.

 PB Cosmetology Education Centre does not offer the Ability to Benefit Testing Option.