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Melanie Gottshalk Scholarship

2010 PB Cosmetology Education Centre Graduate

This past September the Aquilino-Gottshalk family lost Melanie Lynn Gottshalk, a daughter, sister, niece, cousin, granddaughter and friend, tragically at the age of 24.

Melanie was a 2009 graduate of Collingswood High School and a graduate from  PB’s Cosmetology Program. At graduation, she received the award for “Most Individualistic.” She was quite a natural at hair and makeup. She worked at several salons and hoped to own her own business one day. She often talked about going back to school to become a women’s counselor, focusing on battered women, hoping to incorporate her cosmetology skills to help rebuild their self esteem.

Mel was smart, beautiful, giving, caring, loving and non judgmental.  A true free spirit, she had a rebel soul and a great sense of humor. She could always be found with those she loved whether family, friends or both…laughing non -stop. Her family and friends meant everything to her. She was funny, kind and artistic. She was very charismatic, had her own sense of style and a wonderful personality. She loved hair, makeup, fashion and she was very creative.  She loved tattoos, animals, and music. Melanie was truly unique and original in many ways.

The Aquilino-Gottshalk family hopes to give someone who embodies her qualities and spirit a $3,000 scholarship.

  1. Theresa ManzellaTheresa Manzella10-26-2016

    My daughter attends Gateway regional high school. She would love to apply for this scholarship. She is very creative in her own way and is very unique she dreams of owning her own salon on day and also teaching others. Her father and I have been disabled since 2012 I have not be able to do the things I used to do with Maria because of my injuries. I would just love for her to be able to fulfill her dreams. How can she apply for this scholarship? Theresa Manzella. Daughter Maria Manzella

    • Theresa ManzellaTheresa Manzella10-26-2016

      Just would like more info.

  2. Patrice woodsPatrice woods11-01-2016

    In such a sadden situation i was touched and reading about the type of person Melanie was inspired me a bit more to go after my dreams without holding back, because my entire life i kept doing what everyone else wanted me to do and changed my spirit to fit others but i have been trying so hard to brek free of that mentality and i have finally started ding what i love and that’s beauty , hair, make- up and i embraced the great open free spirited personality of myself with it because i realised how happy it made me to see other happy , smiling when they get ther hair did in the right way with love and compassion and that’s why i got into futhering my cosmetology career and also why i am branching out to get the best training possible, i’ve been doing hair for fun not even realising my potential and i’d really love to not only get a chance at following in her footsteps but continuing her dream because it’s also my dream, i wish to own my own salon one day and place smiles on people’s faces make my family proud show them that success can be born from many different angles in life. i am really sorry for your lost and even if i don’t a chance at getting this scholarship i would never give up because after all melanie didn’t and that gives me great hope.

  3. JoyceJoyce08-15-2017

    My daughter died of a drug overdose in grandaughter whom was then 7,found Megan dead. Kaitlyn struggled for many years struggling and dealing with the loss of my daughter, and her mom to an opoid overdose.
    My beloved, free spirited grandchild had made it to the other side.She will b graduating high school in February.She has a natural talent in applying makeup and doing hair..I would very much like for her to succeed in her dream to become an anestiscian..I would like to apply for scholarship on her behalf.

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