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October Star Students!

Stephanie Denick

Stephanie Denick is a senior cosmetology student who chose the beauty industry because she has always loved to do hair and makeup. Before enrolling in the Cosmetology Program, she graduated from Audubon High School. Doing makeup is one of her secret talents. In five years, she hopes to be working in a salon and also doing special event makeup on the weekends. Stephanie says that her dream job, however, would be working with and styling Arianna Grande because she has amazing hair! She loves seeing big changes and would choose perm rods and hair color as her beauty weapons of choice. Aside for her love of the beauty industry, Stephanie fully supports PETA in the fight against makeup testing on animals.






Grace Stephens

Grace Stephens is a senior cosmetology student who loves making people feel confident and beautiful. After receiving a degree from Rowan University in applied behavior analysis, she chose to do something that would make her truly happy and began exploring a career in cosmetology. Continuing her education is very important to her and she never wants to stop learning new techniques. Give Grace a color bowl and a brush and she’s good to go; hair color is one of her favorite services! If she could be a celebrity stylist she would choose Demi Lovato. When she’s not in school, Grace enjoys cooking, supports the humane society, and loves learning new things!

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