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Scholarship Winner – Maria Stanton

Each year, high school seniors are invited to apply for a full tuition scholarship in PB’s High School Scholarship Program. The requirements include participating in a hands-on workshop styling a mannequin’s hair, writing an essay on career goals, submitting letters of recommendation and participating in an Admissions Interview. This year’s candidates were some of the top students in their high schools. The full tuition scholarship worth, $15,300.00, to attend the Cosmetology Program, was awarded to Maria Stanton of Overbrook High School. Maria is an 18 year old high school senior who resides with her family in Clementon, NJ. Maria impressed the scholarship panel with her...

Cosmetology School Scholarship Overview

PB Cosmetology Education Centre Scholarship Overview High School graduates from the Class of 2015 who are planning to attend the full time Cosmetology program in the fall are eligible for a cosmetology school scholarship as part of the PB Cosmetology Education Center High School Scholarship program.   The following requirements are necessary for candidates applying for the 2015 Scholarship Program.  All materials must be submitted to the committee by May 1, 2015. A high school diploma and proof of age must be submitted upon graduation. Cosmetology School Scholarship Program High School Transcript   Letter of recommendation from an educator or...

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