The Barbering Course consists of 900 hours of instructional units and clinical practice. This course is offered part-time and can be completed in 7.5 months. The subject matter consists of:

  • State laws, rules, and regulations for cosmetology and hairstyling administrative shop operations
  • History of hair and barbering
  • Professional image, hygiene, and related practices
  • Decontamination and infection control
  • Shampooing and scalp care
  • Honing and stropping
  • Shaving
  • Men’s hair cutting styling
  • Beard and mustache trimming
  • Women’s hair cutting and styling
  • Facials and facial massage
  • Anatomy of head, neck, and face
  • Common disorders of the skin, scalp, and hair
  • Electricity
  • Men’s hairpiece services
  • Chemistry and chemistry-related services, straightening and permanent waving
  • Hair color and lightning

Students in the Barbering Program spend the first 450 hours learning theory and practical assignments on mannequins and models. As the students progress in knowledge and skill, they transition for the last 450 hours to the Student Salon, where they work on members of the public under the supervision of licensed New Jersey educators. PB Cosmetology Education Centre issues a comprehensive kit and textbook package to all students.

We incorporate guest artists, projects, and field trips into the program. Students will visit barbershops locally and also will travel to the International Beauty Show in New York City. Guest artists give lectures and special demonstrations on live models.

Curriculum projects include creating a timeline of historical events of barbering as a career and its progression into the 21st century. Students also complete a project on infection control.

Our school offers advanced classes in clipper cutting techniques and fading. This hands-on workshop teaches fine-tune fading, blending, and tapering skills. All advanced classes have a separate tuition price and can be taken as a student or a graduate. Job placement services are available to all students upon graduation and all students create a portfolio and resume as a showcase of their practical expertise.