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Teacher Appreciation Day

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! 

We would love to take a moment to recognize some of our amazing teachers here at PB.  They have gone above and beyond in the classroom and we are so proud and thankful they are using their gifts, skills and knowledge to teach our future students.

We asked a few students to tell us what they love about their teachers, and their responses are so heartwarming!

teachers and students

“We would like to recognize Ms. Kelly Anne for her passions, professionalism and wealth of knowledge.  Ms. Kelly has not only taught us our theory requirements but she also shares with us all the gems that she has picked up throughout her career.  She is also extremely talented and her support of our individual skills is greatly appreciated.” –All of us (Full time Estheticians)

“I am so thankful to have a teacher like Miss. Floss. She has done nothing but go above and beyond to help me become to best stylist and colorist I can be! She has so much experience behind the chair and I love learning from her.” -Anna Slimm

students and miss jackie

“Mrs. D pushes me to do my best and sees my potential” –Elizabeth Teschko

“Mrs. D has always been there for her students day or night, at school or at home.  She will always be there for you. She is more than our teacher, she’s our mom at school.  The knowledge this teacher knows is unbelievable and I am truly blessed to have a teacher in my life like Mrs. D.” –Rachel Gurcik

“Mrs. Jackie is very kind, patient, and helpful.  She always tries her hardest to help us understand.  She is so dedicated and hard working, just like all of the teachers at PB.  Mrs. Jackie always brings joy to the classroom and she motivates us to do what we all love.” –Cara Dear

students and miss d

“Mrs. S is an inspiration and always has her students best interest put first.  Thanks Mrs. S, for all you’ve taught me in my career so far. Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!” –Kaitlyn D’Aversa

“We are so glad we had the opportunity to have Mrs. Karlee as out teacher!  She makes our long and busy days exciting and she always motivates us to do our best.  Not only do we learn so much from her but we have fun doing it. We always enjoy coming to school and having her bubbly personality wake us up and motivate us.  Our PB experience could not have been better without a fun, loving and caring teacher like her.” –Kristen Mecca & Bri Conti

“Mrs. Jackie is a great teacher!  She makes sure everyone gets what we are working on.  She is goofy and fun but always makes sure we get our work done.  We love you Mrs. Jackie!” –Tah’Teana Thomas-Powell

“Thank you Mrs. D for always doing your best to help all of us with everything.  We love you!” -Michelle DeFrancobailey and miss s

“Mrs. D is an all around great teacher.  She is very helpful and professional, but also is goofy.  She makes coming to school every day better.” –Georgana Stewart & Dejah Eubanks

students at IMATS

“Without Mrs. S, I would not be where I am now.  She has helped me endlessly in and out of the classroom.  She is understanding and builds up my confidence when I’m not too sure if I’m doing something right.  She always looks beautiful and we all want to be like her when we grow up. I love you Mrs. S and thank you for everything you do.  You are appreciated more than anything!” -Bailey Keitzman

“Mrs. Karlee makes a difference everyday!  She cares about all of her students and I can honestly say that she has kept me interested in learning new things.  Her style is an inspiration to all of her students and the clients that come in. Thanks for not only being an awesome teacher, but an amazing mentor.” –Carli Buckley


“Mrs. Jackie is an amazing teacher.  She is extremely patient when I ask a bunch of questions.  She teaches us a lot of salon tips along with what we need to know for state board.” – Becky Borneo

student and Miss Karlee

“Mrs. Karlee motivates me to do better and has taught me so much!  She makes being on the floor exciting and enjoyable. Through my own personal struggles, between deciding color and/or having a bad day, she has always helped me through it, making things a little easier.  Thank you for being a great teacher and motivator!” –Liz Williams

“Thank you Mrs. D, for always taking your time to help every one of us and for always putting your students first!  You see the potential in me and always push me to do my best. I wouldn’t be where I am without your help! Love you Mrs. D!” –Julia Jamison

students and miss d

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