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Who is John Powers?

An evening with Barber Guest Artist John Powers.

Who is John Powers?

  • John Powers the Registered Investment Advisor.
  • John Powers the licensed New Jersey Barber.
  • John Powers the Philadelphia Police Officer.
  • John Powers the student who studied Criminal Justice at La Salle University.
  • John Powers the Educator known for his specialty class, “Getting loaded in the Beauty Biz”


John has worn many hats in his lifetime but the one that means the most to him is the people business. John enjoys meeting new people and hearing their stories. John is a wiz at finances and enjoys sharing his expertise. Watching John “do the numbers” with the barber students was refreshing. John brings to the students the money part of the beauty industry that is hard for some students to understand. You can tell that helping students understand all sides of the barber industry, making the money, how to spend it, and even more importantly how to save it is key to John’s instruction. John has a very approachable personality. His calm and laid back demeanor was great for the students to feel comfortable to ask a lot of questions and gain more knowledge. John discussed everything from finances to razor cutting theory and demonstration with the PB barber students. It is easy to see how John has become so successful in everything he does. The students loved his presentation and left asking for more. John is coming back to teach more classes this May and the students are looking forward to it.

Thank you John, PB appreciates the time you give to our students.

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